Lightfixure Panta Rey

Barzileye Collection

Inspired by ancient wisdom that all is flux and ever changing, Barzileye’s Panta Rey light fixture is never static. It gives the appearance of a leaf that transforms into a skeletal structure depending on the light, the angle of vision and the mood of the beholder.


Panta Rey floats on air, glides through space, balances on invisible waves. Its movements are subtly perceived in the mind’s eye. Despite its delicate simplicity, the light fixture is dynamic. Its elegance and seemingly fragile, open metal structure belie strength and solidity. The fixture exudes the illusion of a momentarily stilled body in aerodynamic motion.


Constant change is key to Barzileye’s innovative designs.

With all our creative projects we look for a competitive edge. We adhere to the philosophy that yesterday’s success cannot be repeated. Our purpose is to reinvent. As in the natural order of things, nothing stays the same. Adhering to the wisdom of Panta Rey, our ideas are constantly changing, constantly renewed, refreshed and replenished.


Inspiration is derived from both the plant and animal world. Potential observed in newly born organic forms is metamorphosed into functional objects with fluid, expressive movements.


Lightfixture Panta Rey was published in the well know Magazine "LEVEN"